Front cover image: Joseph Beuys, from the performance How to Explain Paintings to a Dead Hare, Galerie Schmela, Düsseldorf, 1965. Detail of photograph taken by W. Vogel.

Back cover image: Eugene Carchesio, From the Peoples Republic of Spirituaal REvolution, 1990. Courtesy Bella Gallery, Brisbane. ©Folio Arts 1990.

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aboriginal imagery: influence, appropriation, or theft?
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the new naturalists
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questions for the man in the felt hat: an interview with josph beuys
nicholas zurbrugg, eugene carchesio, and grahame coulter-smith
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john conomos
video art at the sydney biennale
sarah miller
writers in recital at the eighth biennale of sydney



nicola teffer
fiona macdonald: cyclopaedia
ainsley harmon
joseph o'connor: exhibitionism is a drug- sometimes you get hooked

diane losche
paraculture: cargo cult in new york
pat hoffie
shelagh morgan: mutespace
kate ravenswood
real art
alan r. dodge
strange harmony of contrasts: recycling modernism
david burnett
traces of place: the australian flying art school
colleen mullin
csaba szamosy, edite vidins: strange attractors
jim z krank
they live
anneke gelofte
gary carskel: dodelijk speelgoed- deadly toys
cherene spendlove
eugene carchesio
catherine doylesteven carson and marc sauvage
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susan fereday: value
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lynette cooney: a personal mythology

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